Friday, 11. February 2011
maven-ooo-plugin 1.1 released
It is now a long time ago that I forked Frédéric's maven-ooo-plugin repository at github. Yesterday I finally finished version 1.1 and released it to labs/

This version is still based on Maven 2.2.1 and OpenOffice 3.2.1 but all the open points mentioned in my first article are fixed now. We use the maven-ooo-plugin to build an OOo extension for risk management (aOPM) and it works as expected.

What's next: the next step will be an update of the used libraries for Maven 3. A big problem for the near future is the fork of OpenOffice so at the moment I can't say if we will focus on OpenOffice 3.3 or LibreOffice.

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Wednesday, 12. January 2011
How to Inherit from a Maven Plugin
For PatternTesting I wanted to inherit classes from the aspectj-maven-plugin but the parameters of the super class were not inialized by Plexus. Why? Because the javadoc tags are not accessible to Plexus.

For that reason there is a maven-inherit-plugin available, which allows you to extend non-local Maven plugins. You must add the OPS4J repository (as described on the maven-inherit-plugin page) and follow the steps of the usage page.

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Tuesday, 2. November 2010
maven-ooo-plugin-it or "How to create a GIT project"
This article has two goals:
  • to report some news about the new maven-ooo-plugin-it project
  • to give a short introduction how to start a project with a local GIT repository and push it later to github

Local GIT Repository Created

Yesterday I decided to start my own integration test project for the maven-ooo-plugin. Here are the steps to create a GIT repository for this project (GIT must be installed):
  1. create the project directory (mkdir maven-ooo-plugin-it)
  2. change to this directory (cd maven-ooo-plugin-it)
  3. create local GIT repository (git init)
The other steps I did with Eclipse: I created a new project with the maven-ooo-plugin-it directory as new location and started the development. Later I called "Team > Share Project..." to connect the project to the local GIT repository and to commit my new files.

Pushed to GITHUB

Today I wanted to push this project to github. If you log and follow the Dashboard link you find a New Repository button which I used to create the maven-ooo-plugin-it repository on github. Now I got a list of steps which I followed:
  1. cd cd maven-ooo-plugin-it
  2. git remote add origin
  3. git push origin master
That's all.

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