Friday, 11. February 2011
maven-ooo-plugin 1.1 released
It is now a long time ago that I forked Frédéric's maven-ooo-plugin repository at github. Yesterday I finally finished version 1.1 and released it to labs/

This version is still based on Maven 2.2.1 and OpenOffice 3.2.1 but all the open points mentioned in my first article are fixed now. We use the maven-ooo-plugin to build an OOo extension for risk management (aOPM) and it works as expected.

What's next: the next step will be an update of the used libraries for Maven 3. A big problem for the near future is the fork of OpenOffice so at the moment I can't say if we will focus on OpenOffice 3.3 or LibreOffice.

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