Tuesday, 10. August 2010
Two weeks ago I started to automate the build process for an OpenOffice extension project (Java). I was happy to found a Maven plugin and a description on the OpenOffice wiki. But the last log entry on the CVS page says it: the development was started - that's all.

At github I found an enhancement of this Maven plugin. But the only stuff which was working on my MacBook was 'mvn archetype:create...'. Because I needed the plugin I forked it to my maven-ooo-plugin clone and tried to continue the work of Cédric and Frédéric.

What's working:
  • mvn archetype:create (more or less, no changes from my side)
  • mvn generate-sources (call of idlc, regmerge and javamaker, see OOo Java Eclipse Tutorial)
What does not work:
  • mvn package (creation of OXT, the OpenOffice extension)
I have tested the plugin on MacOS and Linux, but not on Windows (I have no Windows computer). The next steps I plan is to begin with the .oxt creation and to look for a Maven repository where I can deliver it.

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