Tuesday, 31. July 2007
My first Blog

There are thousands of blogs. But no one of it is from me or for me. Why not create my own blog? - So here it is! In the future it may be interesting also for other people but at he moment my main goals are:

  • just for learning
  • to have a place to collect some hints for Java and AspectJ programmer
  • to improve my English (so if you find an error please send it to me)

A few words about me: i come from S-Germany and my main interests are Java / JEE since 1999. Since 2003 I was infected by the AspectJ virus from Arno Schmidmeier on the ApectJ Summer Camp. Two years later I organized the ApectJ Winter Camp

My main home page is www.aosd.de. At the moment of this writing I have holidays. So don't expect any (technical) news or announcements in the next time.

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