Tuesday, 6. January 2015
PatternTesting 1.5 released
One of the most exciting features of PatternTesting 1.5 is the chance to log and monitor SQL statements. This feature was introduced with 1.4.1 and is described in SQL Logging and Monitoring - all you have to do is to add patterntesting-rt.1.5.0.jar as library and to use
as JDBC URL for an in-memory DB (HSQL) - or any other valid JDBC URL, prefixed with "jdbc:proxy:...".

Another improvement of 1.5 is the better performance of the ClasspathMonitor. Especially for large classpathes with more than 20,000 classes it needed some minutes to dump the unused classes and other informations into several files. Now the different infos are collected and dumped much faster. And the ClasspathMonitor should work better now together with the classloader of WebSphere if you use the PatternTesting Agent as described in Enabling ClasspathMonitor in Websphere.

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