Monday, 23. March 2009
Performance Boost with Eclise 3.4 / AJDT 1.6.3
In one of our projects we are still working with Eclipse 3.3 because we use the WTP 2.0 plugin and have failed in the past with the upgrade to Eclipse 3.4 / WTP 3.0 (we had strange classpath problems with JSF). We used one AspectJ lib (patterntesting-rt) and wanted to add also patterntesting-check as AspectJ lib. But the compile time was a desaster - it slows down to 30 seconds for an incremental build.

From the aspectj-users mailing list I got the tip to use Eclipse 3.4 with the actual AJDT plugin. And really, with this version we get a dramatic speedup for the incremental build:

full build incremental build
Eclipse 3.3 75 s 34 s
Eclipse 3.4 30 s 1 s

These are the time for the we found out with the AJDT Event Trace (you can open it as view in Eclipse). As you can see the incremental compile is more than 30 times faster as before.

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