Monday, 5. January 2009
Eclipse-Update repaired (MacOS-X)
Today I started from Eclipse an software update on my Mac. After the update I was asked to restart Eclipse. But after the restart only an error box with "eclipse executable launcher was unable to locate its companion shared library".

The solution for this problem I found on
  • edit the file
  • correct the entry for --launcher.library
But where is the directory? When you go the Eclipse installation directory with the Finder you see as program icon, but not as directory. So I started a terminal (oh yes, I'm not a born Mac user) and started the following commands:
cd /Applications/opt/eclipse   # my install dir for Eclipse
vi eclipse.ini

You can use another editor, of course. But I don't know which other editors are available from the commandline.

After this "repair" I was able to start Eclipse again.

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